Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

To Hannelore Kraft: Let Me Put My Hands on You! / UNITED ANARCHISTS WORLD, dday4allofUA

Hello, Hannelore Kraft!
There is no time for gambling, there is no time for experiments, there is no time for lies, if mankind shall get saved. There is absolutely no alternative to that: and we could go a way like this one: .
Hannelore Kraft, there is a very important reason for the fact I get a very excellent support by the world's mightiest free Internetforce, that one of United Anarchists who are my sisters and brothers of spirit, of the spirit of Jesus of Nazareth whose true messages we know. And we know that his messages are in accordance with science, with a science we know. As long as I argue correctly on that base as long I am the Messiah for the world's migthiest free Internetforce. The beginning of that teamwork was in the first half year of 2006, that was the time I put my hands on them, for instance:
In English:
In German:
The shortest message that stands for our aims is:
"Mankind has to do in accordance with the will of the reasonable and righteous ones among the women after the dispute of arguments has come to it's end, in small affairs, in large affairs, in all kind of affairs."
Hannelore, we don't need any gambling, we all have to go the only right way as soon as possible cause it is our last chance to avoid our all downfall. So we, United Anarchists,  will fight SPD, Die Grünen and Die Linke off if they continue fooling the people and gambling. 
Hannelore, come to Your senses!  Let me put my hands on You!
Winfried Sobottka, Speaker of United Anarchists in Germany and a servant of her highest deity, of the Goddess of Creation.


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